Having an adequate fire security and life safety system for your business is fundamental to the future of your business and the health and safety of your staff and customers. We can provide you with a system that will ensure every corner of your site is protected should a fire emergency ever arise.

We offer a wide range of services within the fire safety space, that all work together to provide your building and occupants with the most efficient and seamless of protection possible.

We work with a number of companies, such as Xtralis & Gent and Haescomm

Analogue Addressable Fire Systems

Automatic point detection system is a very effective and reliable solution to detecting fire, and signalling an alarm to occupants. These provide details on individual fire detector locations.

Brands we work with to design and install for your building include:
- Advanced Electronics
- Gent
- Haes
- Morley
- Kentec
- C-Tech

Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Aspirating smoke detectors (ASD), also known as VESDA systems, offer the earliest possible warning of a potential fire, giving you the vital time to investigate and resolve to avoid business disruption. These systems will generally be installed in ceiling voids, server rooms or any high-risk areas for fires. The brands we work with include Xtralis & Gent

EVC Systems

An emergency voice communication system (EVC) provides two-way communication during the evacuation of a building during a fire or other emergency. We design, install and commission a full range of EVC systems utilising but not limited to Baldwin Boxall, Haescomm and C-Tech. We can deliver from a single control panel with one out station, to a large integrated system. New regulations require that all new commercial buildings with more than one storey and lift must provide disabled refuge areas, and EVCs offer a suitable solution

PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarms)

Voice evacuation systems are a more effective mean of evacuating and measuring occupants to notify in an emergency. PAVAs are an essential feature for the fire security of public buildings. We can design and install the best system for your building, give us a call to find out more

DDA WC Alarm

A disabled toilet alarm (DDA) is an essential requirement for disabled facilities should an emergency arise. We provide DDA toilet alarms for all businesses and commercial facilities from brands including Baldwin Boxall, Haescomm & C-Tech

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Effective & Reliable

Earliest Detection Possible

Compactly Fitted

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Highest Quality

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