Most of our projects include commercial door access control systems and security, today’s technology allows even the complex of buildings and businesses to have secure entryways without impacting on the ease of entry for those who need it. Whether you have a building with multiple offices, blocks of flats with or without a concierge service, or multiple UK or international sites, we can design and install a system suitable for your demands that leaves no door left open and at risk, protecting your building and the people inside.

Our commercial door access control systems contain information for specified access in an adjustable format so you can remove and add old and new people who require access at the site. Our services include access control to ensure only permitted persons can enter dedicated areas, video door entry to provide extra control to residents, CCTV to cover vulnerable areas 24 hours a day and biometric access control for communal areas.

Multi Dwelling

This is the perfect solution for blocks of flats or buildings with multiple offices, it allows multiple access to the same unit. We design, install and commission systems from brands including Comelit VIP & Simplebus, Urmet IP & 2 Wire, BPT, Entrotec, & Orcomm. We have worked with clients who require a local system for the UK head office that also connects to their multi-site offices around the world, this enables those who travel internationally to multiple sites to access them all with one access device

Secure By Design (SBD)

We can design a system that meets the UK Police Service’s Secured by Design initiative’s recommended requirements to help protect your buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit. We can install and maintain a full IP or two wire door entry solution to meet your needs, from manufacturers including Entrotec, Comelit, Urmet & BPT

Legacy Systems

If you already have a system in place but feel it is outdated, we can design a system that utilises your current infrastructure and incorporate new technology to enable you to add new features to your current system without the need or expense of adding an entirely new system and maintaining and enhancing the security of your sites. We can also integrate the system with other buildings, perfect for those with employees that need to have access to multiple sites on various countries with one entry card, without the need to update your entire system globally

Benefits & Features

Collect Evidence And Ensure Crimes Are Solved Swiftly

Deter Would-Be Thieves

Settle Disputes In Domestic And Commercial Scenarios

Track what is happening at the premises, such as monitoring the activity of workers and visitors

Wired and Wireless

Fire safety integration

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