Surveillance offers a great way to protect your building to not only deter intruders, but also capture any incidents.

It is important to ensure that your CCTV is high-quality, reliable, works with your property and other needs and is kept up to date with decent aftercare.

At Code Security, we can help with all of this!

We design, install and commission multiple CCTV in the workplace options available to suit your needs.

Find out more below about what we can offer.

CCTV Types

CCTV in the workplace can cover a wide array of uses. It can monitor any area in general, cover internal and external entry points, be used for facial recognition, automatic number plate reading (ANPR), people counting, protecting assets or even detecting fires.

CCTV Types & Compatibility

We offer a range of camera types including IP Mega-Pixel, Thermal, 4K and 8K. We can also upgrade and assist with legacy analogue types, should you wish to update other systems at a later date

Benefits & Features of CCTV in the workplace

Collect Evidence Against Crimes Or For Data

Deter Would-be Thieves

Settle Disputes, Such as Missing Property

Access Control Integration (ANPR) To Open Vehicle Gates

Real Time Recording

Keeps Record Of Activity

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