Technology is becoming more accessible and affordable to the general population as each day goes by, with more options than ever before. While this in theory should be a great development, there are highly important subjects such as security – where this can – and often does, backfire.

Here we look at why DIY security system installation isn’t always the best idea:



This can be a scary thought to consider – but a very important one. There have been far too many instances where hackers have been able to access people’s home and office security, without their knowledge. This is typically a direct consequence of how DIY security equipment providers use newer and therefore less tested software to store and hold your important log in information – sometimes even cheaper designs which are more likely to have flaws for hackers to prey upon. At Code Security Systems, the safety of our clients comes first and we will never compromise on system quality.


Aftercare & Maintenance


Once you run into an issue with your security system installation, it is essential for you to be able to have the aftercare & maintenance support required, to find out the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible. If you ordered a security kit online, while the equipment provider may have a pledge to fix or replace any damaged or malfunctioning items, how long will they take to resolve them? A call out service – if they even provide it – will likely take far longer to arrive than a professionally installed system with an emergency call out service like we have at Code Security Systems. By that time, who knows what level of damage could have happened to your home or office space! A DIY security system may not be covered by insurance either. With us, as a contract customer you are entitled to 24-hour callout cover, 365 days a year, including our after care on demand service. 


Additional Charges


While your online order of security equipment may initially impress you with it’s high quality look and seemingly advanced capabilities, it is important to consider how this will carry you through into the future. Many DIY security equipment providers are owned by other business giants – which greatly prioritise profit. They may try to unnecessarily sell you newer and flashier looking upgrades – or even lead you into a situation where your equipment will not work without one. With Code Security Systems, we are privately owned, and have specialised in the fire & security industry for over 15 years, and provide you with long lasting, tried & tested equipment in all security system installations. 


False Alarms


If you ever run into a situation where your security system alarm is triggered accidentally, you will likely want it to be resolved within a matter of short minutes. Companies which create and sell DIY security equipment typically have a customer service approach which is most similar to shopping online, perhaps only an automated chat box, a long phone call wait time and then an even longer customer verification process. This means if your alarm is triggered when it doesn’t need to be, and you are unsure how to disable and reset it, you could find this causes a big disruption to your valuable time and safety. Alternatively, our customer service is always quick and our four-hour on-site response aftercare is an instant, remote assistance and health check of your system that will provide you with a far more cost effective and efficient solution instead.


Legislation Compliance


DIY systems do not have the capacity to alert the police or fire brigade, as they do not comply with current government legislation. This means by choosing a DIY system, you could ultimately be without the urgent support and help required, at the moment you need it most – if you do find yourself with a fire or security emergency. Code Security is fully accredited and comply with all government legislations, therefore providing you with the most safe and secure systems possible.



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