As a business owner or building manager, it is understood there are goals you have to meet with revenue and profit. When it comes to business security, and fire, many companies may not appreciate the value for money within a high quality system – and cut too much cost in this area, which can have a major impact on the safety of your building and the people within it…

Here are five big, yet simple business security mistakes made – and how you can avoid them.

Mistake number 1: Limited Access Control

While your building may have an unbeatable security system on the outside, requiring the staff members to hold a key card or code to enter the premises – does the building also have further security measures for particular rooms inside? Some of these rooms which require an additional layer of security could include: server rooms, labs, supply rooms and rooms which contain safes. Whilst you might trust your staff not to access rooms they don’t need to, your staff could easily let a tailgater follow them into the building, someone that shouldn’t be there and they then have access to secure rooms that could impact your business.

Mistake number 2: Old Passwords and Locks

When key code passwords are set and key locks are fitted, it is not always considered when and how often these passwords and locks should be renewed. Regulating this area can be extremely important if there is a faster turnover of staff within your building. While it may seem a nuisance to update, these are preventative measures which could save you a lot more hassle in the long run.

Mistake number 3: Quantity Over Quality

What business security provider you choose and the quality levels they offer is the most important part of investing in a fire & security system. Nowadays individuals can purchase an array of security equipment online, but is this for the best? While a a DIY system might seem like a cheaper solution, they are more prone to hacking and going wrong, and you could be spending valuable time trying to fix the solution on your own. Fire & security is something you shouldn’t risk for your building. We only use verified brands for the systems we design and install, and, as well as maintenance of your system, we also offer an aftercare service, where we have a remote repair service and a four-hour, same-day call out solution to ensure your system is always running smoothly.

Mistake number 4: Cutting Costs

While it may be tempting to go with the least expensive fire & security company &/or systems in order to save money, or even just keep using an old, previously installed system, this can eventually cost you a significant amount in the long run. If your fire & security system is not high quality and updated with the latest technology, the risk only increases for fires, break-ins and even hacking.

Mistake number 5: Choosing the Wrong Provider

Important questions to be asking when looking for a fire & security provider should include: Are they accredited? Are they experienced in catering to your building type? Do they offer long term aftercare & maintenance? Do they also offer a quick call out response if any minor issues arise? Ticking these boxes will determine the success and reliability level of your Fire & Security system.