Flexible working the risk to commercial access in businesses

As we look to the future of office working in a post-Covid world, there will be many benefits to employees as businesses offer more flexibility. There are many implications and risks this can have on commercial access control, security and safety.

Here we outline some things to consider when planning your future office working environment.

Unprotected buildings

Many commerical buildings have not been manned with staff at least five days a week like they were before the pandemic. Whilst many businesses might think their buildings are securely protected when empty, with a lack of staff there to monitor the building they are not only at risk of break ins, but also flooding and fires.

It’s important to ensure your building has a water detection system, as well as a fire safety system that can alert you remotely. This will ensure that if any flooding or fire should occur, you know about it immediately and are able to act before it’s too late.

The death of the friendly face

As you offer staff the option to work flexibly from the office and from home, the regular faces you see every day are going to be less and less frequent. Let’s face it, British people are far too polite to ask someone who they are if someone is trying to follow them into a building. It will be all too easy to forget your access card when you aren’t going in the office everyday.

An open door as an employee enters or exits a building is easy win for tailgaters, and many staff may think they’ll just let the person in, no questions asked, assuming they are a new employee, and hope if they are wrong, its someone else’s problem.

This means insisting on staff being strict on their commercial access control, we offer mobile access systems, which can completely remove the need for access cards or fobs. So all employees can safely access your building and there are no excuses for letting in anyone who claims to have forgotten their pass!

The future of building security

The pandemic has made everyone think differently about how they run their business, and this has us thinking about the future of building security. We pride ourselves on offering security for the future, and area always looking to ensure we offer the latest technology. So much has changed in the last 18+ months, and whilst we, along with many in our industry have been planning and looking at the future demands, they have been brought forward significantly and the demand for building access and security has almost changed overnight.

As it looks like flexible working is here to stay, we need to create systems to future proof buildings for today. But what could that look like? Mobile patrol with drone security? A hologram concierge managing multiple sites from one location? The possibilities are endless. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.