Is a DIY Home Security System worth a £100k fine?

Amazon has revolutionised the way people can protect their homes. Making it more affordable and easier to install home security systems yourself. However, following the news yesterday, that a plumber in Thame, Oxfordshire has been ordered to pay his neighbour £100,000 because of his Ring Doorbell, it raises an issue in this DIY home security systems.

His neighbour felt the security set up was “intrusive” and left her feeling under “continuous visual surveillance”. This shows the importance for homeowners to understand the important factors when installing CCTV.

Whilst these home security systems you can install yourself can save you money, it is important to ensure you are monitoring the grounds of your property and not impacting those around you.

Putting your home at risk

We understand that having a security system in place can give homeowners peace of mind in protecting their home. However, with this story being all over the news this week, we are sure that this is going to give many homeowners concerns about the system they have in place. Thus leading to them potentially look at removing their home security systems for fear of facing the same fine, which will then result in their homes being at risk.

This season it is even more important to ensure your home is protected. If homeowners start to remove these systems, they could be making their homes more vulnerable. As people start to return to work and leave their homes unattended for hours at a time, and we start to have darker evenings, we are providing a perfect opportunity for criminals to access our homes.

How we can help

We are SSAIB Accredited for Closed Circuit Television Systems. This recognition means that we are fully complaint to design, install and maintain CCTV systems. Our team are fully trained to ensure that any systems that are installed are angled to ensure protection of your home whilst avoiding breaching your neighbours’ homes.

To find out more how we might be able to help you, give us a call on 01279 424 014 or email us info@codesystems.co.uk