Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you maintain a system that wasn’t a Code Security Installation?

    Yes, we can take over the maintenance of a system you already have in place, we can also update that system with the latest technology, rather than you having the hefty cost of the installation of an entire new system

    - See our aftercare & maintenance page for more information
  • How long will my CCTV system record for?

    The recording time of cameras depends on frame rates (quality in which it records) and storage. Depending on what detail you would like to record and for how long for, we will utilise a professional calculator to suit any requirements and make sure you get the detail and storage you need

  • Do you have cameras that can see in the dark?

    Yes. All of our cameras have infrared or low light capabilities, depending on the particular area in which the cameras are sighted, our qualified surveyors will determine the exact type that fits best for your requirements

  • Can I view cameras via an app on my mobile device?

    Yes, subject to the internet, our cameras can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via a remote browser or via an application on a smart phone or device

  • Will my insurance company be interested in my alarm being installed by an industry approved installer?

    Yes, since the risk of a loss is usually heavily reduced and for commercial premises it's likely to be a requirement of cover and will not be accepted unless installed by an approved installer

  • How do I prevent the alarm going off when it shouldn’t?

    False alarms are common if not installed to the correct standards, or if inadequate training is demonstrated. Combining both of the above effectively will dramatically reduce the cause of false alarms

  • Can I control my system from a smart device?

    Yes, all of our intruder detection systems can be viewed and controlled via a smart device via an application

  • What is an Analogue Addressable Fire System?

    Automatic point detection system is a very effective and reliable means of detecting fire and signalling an alarm to occupants. These provide details on individual fire detector locations. Brands we work with to design and install for your building include Advanced Electronics, Gent, Haes, Morley, Kentec & C-Tech

  • What are Aspirating Smoke Detectors?

    Aspirating smoke detectors (ASD), also known as VESDA systems, offer the earliest possible warning of a potential fire, giving you the vital time to investigate and resolve to avoid business disruption. These systems will generally be installed in ceiling voids, server rooms or any high-risk areas for fires. The brands we work with include Xtralis & Gent

  • What is an EVC System?

    An emergency voice communication system (EVC) provides two-way communication during the evacuation of a building during a fire or other emergency. We design, install and commission a full range of EVC systems utilising but not limited to Baldwin Boxall, Haescomm and C-Tech. We can deliver from a single control panel with one out station, to a large integrated system. New regulations require that all new commercial buildings with more than one storey and lift must provide disabled refuge areas, and EVCs offer a suitable solution

  • What are PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarms)?

    Voice evacuation systems are a more effective means of evacuating and measuring occupants to notify in an emergency. PAVAs are an essential feature for safety of public buildings. We can design and install the best system for your building, give us a call to find out more

  • What is a DDA WC Alarm?

    A disabled toilet alarm (DDA) is an essential requirement for disabled facilities should an emergency arise. We provide DDA toilet alarms for all businesses and commercial facilities from brands including Baldwin Boxall, Haescomm & C-Tech

  • What is Enterprise Access Control?

    For businesses with multiple offices across various sites and locations, we can design and install the perfect system to prevent, detect and protect your infrastructure. Our enterprise security architecture is the perfect form of risk management that will cater to your requirements. Brands we use to create your system include LenelS2, C-Cure 9000, ACT Enterprise, SiPass & Paxton Access

  • What are Residential Site Wide Solutions?

    We understand that your business needs to be operated as securely and efficiently as possible. We can design, install and commission complex systems that can provide restricted access to certain sections of your building for those that don’t have the correct identification needed. This system is suitable for building that might have different levels of access such as commercial buildings with staff and customer access, or buildings made up of multiple businesses. Some of the brands we commission to create these systems for you include Cloud Based Solutions, Urmet, Paxton, ACT, KMS, PAC & Entrotec

  • What are Hard Wired Alarms?

    Strategically placed sensors that monitor person movement or forced entry of doors and windows of a site property. If activated, the system will make a noise to deter. It also contacts keyholders and police via 24/7 365 alarm receiving centre. Alarm systems that we design, install and commission include Texecom, Galaxy & Scantronic

  • What are Wireless Alarms?

    All wireless alarm components use radio frequencies to communicate. These are available. In one-way or two-way devices. In a one-way system, each sensor has a transmitter and sends information to the control panel’s installed receiver. With two-way systems, the sensors and control panel each have a receiver and a transmitter, which allows for communication between the main alarm control panel and the devices. Brands we design and install regularly include Texecom, Pyronix & Risco

  • What is Multi Dwelling?

    This is the perfect solution for blocks of flats or buildings with multiple offices, it allows multiple access to the same unit. We design, install and commission systems from brands including Comelit VIP & Simplebus, Urmet IP & 2 Wire, BPT, Entrotec, & Orcomm. We have worked with clients who require a local system for the UK head office that also connects to their multi-site offices around the world, this enables those who travel internationally to multiple sites to access them all with one access device

  • What is Secured by Design (SBD)?

    We can design a system that meets the UK Police Service’s Secured by Design initiative’s recommended requirements to help protect your buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit. We can install and maintain a full IP or two wire door entry solution to meet your needs, from manufacturers including Entrotec, Comelit, Urmet & BPT

  • What are Legacy Systems?

    If you already have a system in place but feel it is outdated, we can design a system that utilises your current infrastructure and incorporate new technology to enable you to add new features to your current system without the need or expense of adding an entirely new system and maintaining and enhancing the security of your sites. We can also integrate the system with other buildings, perfect for those with employees that need to have access to multiple sites on various countries with one entry card, without the need to update your entire system globally

  • What are CCTV Types?

    CCTV can cover a wide array of uses. It can monitor any area in general, cover internal and external entry points, be used for facial recognition, automatic number plate reading (ANPR), people counting, protecting assets or even detecting fires

  • What are CCTV Types and Compatibility?

    We offer a range of camera types including IP Mega-Pixel, Thermal, 4K and 8K. We can also upgrade and assist with legacy analogue types, should you wish to update other systems at a later date

  • What is Aftercare & Maintenance?

    Our dedicated aftercare team are here to assist with any issues that may arise with your systems. Our highly qualified engineers go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our four-hour on-site response aftercare is an instant, remote assistance and health check of your system that will provide you with a cost effective and efficient solution

  • What are Flexible Maintenance Agreements?

    We offer flexible solutions to suit your needs. All maintenance packages offered will meet the requirements for all insurance and British standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that your systems are operating to their optimum performance. As a contract customer you are entitled to 24-hour callout cover, 365 days a year, including our after care on demand service